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Written Search or Title Report – When no prelim abstract or searches have been completed in the last thirty (30) days; lists correct legal description, current title holder/s, any lien/s, judgments, and current tax status. Used for preparing land transactions by lenders and closing companies.

Written with Written to Follow – Normally used in a Lender’s re-finance transaction. Written Title Report on current property and its deed holder since taking ownership. Then, after closing, a second report to reflect new recordings.

Pre-Closing Search – Follows our preliminary abstract preparation, completed within the last 30 days. Used by realtors, lenders, and closing services for up-to-date, last minute search information, prior to closing.

Post-Closing Certification – lists all documents, instrument numbers, and dates of recording after a real estate closing.

Form 900 Title Guaranty Pre-Closing – A Title Guaranty document – A title report, set out in template form to comply with the standard from Iowa Finance Authority. Commonly used by lenders and closing service companies as a first step in the acquisition of Iowa Finance Authority Title Insurance.

Form 901 Title Guaranty Post-Closing – A Title Guaranty document – Lists recorded documents following a closing proceeding on a specific parcel of land.

Deed Search – Locate current deed for specific parcel of land or multiple parcels per specific owner. Used by lenders and attorneys in preparation of estate work or other land transactions.

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