Abstract Facts

Nice to know facts about…


  •  What can we expect within an abstract update?
  • Look at last page for Certification date. Continuation entries will begin at certification date.
  • New Abstracts are compiled from recorded documents throughout the last 40+ years, beginning with a ”Root of Title” such as a deed, or an estate proceeding.

Chain of Title,
entry examples required within Iowa abstracts:

  • Affidavits – all types
  • Agreements – regarding land under examination
  • Amendments – to any land transfer document
  • Assignments of Mortgage/s – Lender to lender
  • Change of Title – recorded or shown for reference
  • Contracts – Vendor to vendee/s, seller to buyer/s
  • Court Proceeding Records – Estate, Dissolution, Conservatorship, Child support
  • Deaths, Marriages, Name changes
  • Deeds – such as Warranty, Quit Claim, Trustee, Court Officer, Sheriff
  • Easements – water district/companies, land use, city use
  • Financing Statements – debtor to lender/secured party
  • Foreclosure – court proceedings, often 4-7 pages
  • Liens or Judgments – court filings, small claims, mechanics liens
  • Mortgages – how many since last certification?
  • Power of Attorney – when requested, needed or used
  • Releases – of liens, mortgages, contracts, financing statements
  • Subordination of mortgages by lenders
  • Trade Names
  • Zoning regulations references – city, county


Have ANY occurred since last certification?

AND keep in mind…

  • The process of searching, gathering, organizing and presenting these records is a formidable task
  • Every mortgage, assignment and release will have separate entries abstracted
  • Any recordings, since last certification date, which impact chain of title, will have separate entries
  • New Abstracts contain 40+ years of required recordings which affect chain of title to property
  • Any Court proceedings, relative to property or titleholders of record will be abstracted
  • Recommendation is every abstract be reviewed by a Real Estate attorney for their Title Opinion.
  • Abstract-Title Opinion is Iowa’s land transfer method.